Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an average application take to be determined by a Local Authority?


A: 8 weeks



What contact & support can I expect to get from XL Planning?


A: We will check your application regularly & remain in contact with you from submission, validation through to determination.



How much do XL Planning charge for a site visit?


A: Dependent on location, there is usually no charge for us to complete an initial visit.



Do XL Planning charge for quotes?


A: No charge.



What is Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and will I have to pay it?


A: CIL is a charge which can be levied by Authorities on new developments in their area. CIL is a tool for local authorities to use to help them deliver the infrastructure needed to support development in their area. Not all, but many Local Authorities have introduced a CIL charge for new types of development. Authorities have their own schedule of charges for different types of development.New development which creates net additional floor space of 100 square metres or more, or creates a new dwelling, is potentially liable for the levy. Some developments may be eligible for relief or exemption from the levy. We can check whether your Local Authority charges CIL and whether the charge would be applicable to your development.



What is the difference between a Major and Minor planning application?


A: Whether you are considering a residential or commercial development that doesn’t involve improvements to a home, there are two common categories. The threshold for a major development is any application that involves mineral extraction, waste development, the provision of 10+ dwellings / a site area over 0.5 Hectares or a floorspace of over 1,000sqm / an area of 1 hectare. Anything smaller than this would be considered as minor development.



How long does it take to get planning permission?


A: Most planning applications are decided within eight weeks from the date of validation. The time limit is extended to 13 weeks for major applications. Individual planning authorities may experience delays due to workload. Formal extensions of time can be agreed should it benefit both parties.



My planning application was refused, what now?


A: If you believe the decision to reject your application is unreasonable you can consider making an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. Appeals must be made online or in writing to the Planning Inspectorate directly and there is no need to notify the Council. It is important to remember you have 12 weeks to appeal householder applications and other appeals must be lodged within six months of the date on the decision notice. XL Planning deals with all types of appeal and can help even if we weren't involved with your original planning application.




What is pre-application advice?


A: Pre-application advice is an opportunity to privately discuss a development proposal with your Local Authority before submitting an application. It can be really beneficial to have initial discussions with an Authority before developing a project. Each Authority has their own charging schedule for pre-application advice. As well as providing independent advice on a proposal at XL Planning we can prepare a pre-application submission on your behalf and discuss development potential with your Local Authority.



What are Building Regulations and why do I need them?


A: The Building Regulations set down minimum standards to safeguard the health and safety of persons in and around buildings; conserve fuel and power and water and to provide facilities for disabled people. They are applied by all local authorities in England and Wales and therefore apply on a national basis. (Scotland has similar but separate Regulations).



What are the ways of obtaining Building Regulations?


A: There are two procedures under which the work can be carried out; a Full Plans application or a Building Notice submission.

XL Planning has suitably qualified persons to prepare plans and ensure that the Building Regulations will be met and we will act as your agent to apply on your behalf. This is recommended as the best course for people not experienced in building work.



What are the advantages of a Full Plans application?


A: There are a number of advantages to using a Full Plans applications.


The process of preparing the plans allows you to carefully consider your proposals and receive professional advice from us.

You can see your proposals on plan giving you a clear indication of how they will affect your property and if the works will meet your needs.


It will be easier for the builder to prepare an accurate quotation since they will have detailed plans to refer to.


It will be easier to explain to your builder what works you are proposing and there will be less room for error and disputes.

The plans can form part of a contract between you and your builder.


If you are borrowing money in order to finance your proposals you may need to have plans to show the bank or building society.

You will receive an Approval Notice for the works.


If your Contractor builds in accordance with the approved plans you can be confident of compliance with the Building Regulations.


The plans will form a historical record of the works that have been carried out and can be lodged with the deeds of your property.



What types of works are suitable for the Building Notice procedure?


A: Minor works such as Internal alterations involving the removal of one or two walls, installation of boilers or other heating appliances, insertion of windows, installation of bathrooms and other drainage, garages / carports (not exempt from building regulation), and the underpinning of foundations.



Local Authority Building Control or Approved Inspector?


A: XL Planning are experienced at working with both the Local Authority and Approved Inspectors and can help you to make the right decision to suit the work to be undertaken.

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XL Planning Ltd | Planning & Architectural Design Consultancy
XL Planning Ltd | Planning & Architectural Design Consultancy | Devon
XL Planning Ltd | Planning & Architectural Design Consultancy
XL Planning Ltd | Planning & Architectural Design Consultancy
XL Planning Ltd | Planning & Architectural Design Consultancy | Devon


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